Synopsis Slides
A religion that makes sence

The doctrine of the Trinity states that:

  • Three beings are one being
  • Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit are equal
  • Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit are one Being
  • Jesus Christ has always existed

Our Objectives are:

  • To show that these statements according to the Bible are false
  • To state the simple Truth about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
  • To explain where the Trinity came from
  • Who was Abraham?
  • What is a Covenant?
  • What was Promised?
  • Explanation of what was Promised
  • Why do I need to know all this?
  • Is this the only time this promise occurs?
  • When will God fulfill His Promises?
  • What do I need to do about this?
Arabs in prophecy
  • Arabs and Israel in the News
  • Who are the Arabs?
  • The reason for the animosity?
  • Islam compared to the Bible
  • Arabs in Bible Prophecy
  • The conclusion of the whole matter
  • Is Baptism Essential for Salvation?
  • What is the Significance of Baptism?
  • What are the Pre-Requisites for Baptism?
  • How is one to be baptised?
004 - Baptism.odp
Believer and State
  • The Christian and War
  • Trade Unions
  • Jury Service
  • Police Service
  • Protest / World Causes
  • Politics
Christ is coming back
  • The Surety of Jesus’s Return
  • When Will He Return?
  • The Order of Events, Judgment (His Followers, The Nations)
  • The Millennium (The Work of Elijah, The House of Prayer)
  • The Third Heaven – after the Millennium
006 - Christ is Coming Back.ppt
  • What is conversion?
  • What is a Christian?
  • What do we mean by a True Christian?
  • What does Bible based Conversion Entail?
007 - Convertion.odp
  • Can we believe the Bible Account of Creation?
  • Why believe in God?
  • Alternative Accounts of Creation (Cosmogony)
  • Evolution Gap,
  • Day
  • Seven Days Theories
008 - Creation.ppt
Cosmogony (Accounts of creation)
  • Alternative Accounts of Creation
  • Evolution – The big bang theory
  • Early Creation accounts
  • Modern Creation accounts
  • Types of creationism
  • Why believe the Bible Account
009 - Cosmogony.ppt
The Witch of Endor
  • Witches on Broomsticks
  • Paganism
  • The word Witch
  • Witches of the Scriptures
  • The witch at Endor,
  • Mediums and contact of the dead
010 - Endor.ppt